Savings Opportunities

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There is an increasing realisation that procurement and supply chain activities provide a unique opportunity to improve business margin. 

Identifying opportunities to reduce supply chain costs is a major expectation of the procurement function.

Where can I consolidate my supplier base?
What are the best opportunities for savings?
Which products or services have the highest impact on price increases?

Procurement often gets asked these questions from finance and other stakeholders as saving and optimising costs are critical components of any procurement function.

DataKITE Savings Opportunities Identification solutions include:

  • Working with you to consolidate all of your data sources in one secure online location.
  • Data enrichment through structured data management, cleansing and classification.
  • Deep level analysis to find possible cost reduction and working capital improvement opportunities.
  • Sustainable technology available for your team to use, with no ongoing data refresh costs.

DataKITE Spend Analysis Procurement Analysis – Savings Opportunities