DataKITE is thrilled to announce that it has achieved certification from Cyber Essentials Plus proving its dedication to cyber security and protection from cyber attacks.

The UK government’s Cyber Essentials program helps businesses implement strong cybersecurity practices to shield themselves from cyberattacks. It goes beyond basic protection by acknowledging organizations with a robust security posture and well-defined procedures. Earning Cyber Essentials Plus certification, the program’s highest level, involves an independent assessment of your company’s security controls and processes.

DataKITE is dedicated to investing in its cyber security and
data protection

DataKITE prioritizes robust cybersecurity and data protection. We continuously adapt to evolving threats, ensuring the proper management and secure storage of company data in our digital environment.

Phil Tompkinson, Technical Director commented “Our Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a testament to the tireless efforts of our DataKITE team. Their dedication safeguards your data with the strongest possible cybersecurity measures. We rigorously adhere to best practices and prioritize the security of your personal information.”

By attaining Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, DataKITE has taken a significant step towards fortifying our cybersecurity infrastructure. This achievement showcases our commitment to implementing robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive data, and mitigating potential threats. Here’s why this certification is of paramount importance to our organisation:

1. Enhanced Security Measures: Cyber Essentials Plus Certification equips our team with the knowledge and skills needed to identify vulnerabilities, prevent cyber-attacks, and respond effectively in the event of a security breach. It enables us to proactively protect our networks, systems, and data from emerging threats.

2. Customer Trust and Confidence: In today’s digital landscape, customers prioritise data privacy and security. By earning this certification, we provide our clients with assurance that their sensitive information is in safe hands. It enhances their trust and confidence in our organisation, making us a reliable partner in their digital journey.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards: Many regulatory frameworks and industry standards require organisations to maintain a certain level of cybersecurity measures. Cyber Essentials Plus Certification demonstrates our adherence to these standards and reassures our stakeholders that we have implemented industry-recognised best practices.

4. Competitive Edge: In a highly competitive business environment, having Cyber Essentials Plus Certification sets us apart from the competition. It demonstrates our commitment to maintaining robust security practices and highlights our dedication to staying ahead of the curve in cybersecurity trends and emerging threats.

5. Employee Empowerment: Achieving Cybersecurity Plus Certification empowers our employees by enhancing their skill sets and providing them with valuable knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. It fosters a culture of security awareness and responsibility, where everyone plays an active role in protecting our organisation and its assets.

Moving Forward

Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus is a significant milestone, but we understand cybersecurity is an ongoing process. We’ll continue to invest in training and development for our team, keeping them equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to combat emerging threats. Our commitment is to a proactive approach, ensuring the continued security of our organization, employees, customers, and partners.


Obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is a testament to DataKITE’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding our digital infrastructure. This achievement showcases our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity, providing our stakeholders with confidence and trust in our organisation.