What are HR Employee Acquisition Metrics and how DataKITE can help

Human Resources Employee Acquisition Metrics are data points that track the effectiveness of your efforts to attract, screen, hire, and onboard new talent. They provide a clear picture of your recruitment funnel, highlighting areas for improvement and helping you optimize your hiring process.

Here are some key Employee Acquisition Metrics available within DataKITE

Time to Fill: Measures the average number of days it takes to fill an open position, from the time it’s posted to when an offer is accepted. A lower time to fill indicates a more efficient recruitment process.

Time to Hire: Similar to time to fill, but focuses specifically on the time it takes from the initial candidate interaction to offer acceptance. This metric helps identify bottlenecks in your interview process.

Source of Hire: Tracks where successful candidates come from (e.g., job boards, employee referrals, career fairs). This helps determine which sourcing channels are most effective.

Sourcing Channel Effectiveness: Measures the quality and quantity of candidates obtained through each sourcing channel. This goes beyond just numbers and considers the skills and experience of those candidates.

Sourcing Channel Cost: Tracks the cost associated with each sourcing channel (e.g., advertising fees, subscriptions). This helps determine the return on investment (ROI) for different recruitment methods.

Applicants per Opening: Measures the number of candidates who apply for a single open position. A low number of applicants may indicate a need to adjust your job posting or expand your sourcing efforts.

Selection Ratio: Compares the number of applicants to the number of candidates who are interviewed. A high selection ratio suggests you’re attracting many qualified candidates.

Cost per Hire: Calculates the total cost of filling a position, including all recruitment-related expenses divided by the number of hires made. This metric helps understand the financial efficiency of your hiring process.

Offer Acceptance Rate: Measures the percentage of candidates who accept your job offer. A low rate might indicate uncompetitive compensation or a negative candidate experience during the interview process.

Application Completion Rate: Tracks the percentage of people who start an application for a job and actually complete it. A low completion rate might suggest the application process is too complex or not mobile-friendly.

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