How to Build Better Data Insight to Control your Spend Profile.

Having poor quality data is arguably as bad as having no data at all. To put it simply: if you put rubbish in, then you’re going to get rubbish out. It’s time to change that.

Your team need to have confidence that your data sources provide an accurate, trustworthy account of your spend profile so they can carry out meaningful analyses and make informed decisions to manage the procurement function.

DataKITE spend analytics solutions cleanse our customers datasets in the background, so you can access high quality visibility of your data without spending hours manually manipulating Excel sheets. To do this, we keep our process simple:


Data Cleansing

  • Discovery – once we’ve consolidated your data sources into one location, we will interrogate them to fully understand your spend profile.
  • Building Rules – once the discovery phase is completed, we create rules to be applied to your data to automate classification, i.e. spend categorisation, supplier name standardisation, currency conversion.


Testing & Modification

  • We apply the rules to your dataset to ensure they are accurate and to review the output they will provide via your dashboards.
  • Any modifications are made based on feedback from your team.



  • Your team sign-off on the data cleansing process, we apply this to your data and release your visual output dashboards for use.
  • The rules are applied to your existing data, and can be automatically applied to future data refreshes.


Training & After Support

  • As part of our set up, we provide your team with training so they can add new rules on an ongoing basis.
  • DataKITE After Support is always available to outsource further data cleansing as required.


It’s time to transform your data from this…

…to this…

…to this.