"without the right reporting tools and analysis, you are just another person with an opinion."

Powerful and secure Power BI powered business intelligence at your finger tips, online and secure 24x7

Accessibility and Ease of Use

DataKITE is cloud-based, which means there's no need for complex software installation or maintenance on your own servers. Making it quicker and easier to set up and use.

Power BI Backend

Interactive dashboards and reports that show key metrics such as total spend, average discount, payment terms, and vendor performance.

Real-Time Insights

We offer real-time data access and analytics. This allows you to make data-driven decisions based on the most up-to-date information, which can give you a significant edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

Empowering Everyone with Data

We democratize data within your organization by providing user-friendly interfaces and self-service analytics capabilities. This allows employees across different departments to access and analyze data relevant to their roles, fostering a more data-driven culture.

Improved Collaboration

DataKITE facilitates collaboration by providing a central platform for sharing data and insights. This can help different teams within your organization work together more effectively towards common goals.

Using DataKITE is Cost Effective

Compared to traditional on-premise BI solutions, DataKITE has a lower upfront cost and a subscription-based SaaS model, so you only pay for what you use. This can be a major advantage for businesses with limited budgets.


With DataKITE, you can gain real-time visibility into your procurement activities, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize supplier performance. This empowers you to negotiate better contracts, streamline workflows, and make strategic sourcing decisions that strengthen your bottom line.


DataKITE is a gamechanger for sales teams. We transform mountains of sales data into clear, actionable insights. These tools help you identify high-potential leads, track sales pipeline health, and pinpoint areas for improvement in your sales strategy. With real-time dashboards and forecasts, you can make data-driven decisions, close deals faster, and ultimately boost your sales performance.


DataKITE empowers finance teams to unlock the hidden potential within their financial data. We go beyond basic reporting, offering real-time dashboards, intuitive data visualization, and advanced analytics. We enable finance professionals to identify trends, forecast future performance, and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.


We provide Production, Engineering, Product Development, IT, Customer Support, HR, Compliance KPIs plus many more. All out of the box.

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"Just the best tool for our requisition spend analysis"


"DataKITE support has been truly outstanding"

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"DataKITE supplier scorecards are driving our business forward"

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"DataKITE - An amazing insights and cost savings opportunity tool"


"Simply one of the best analytics tools I've used"

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DataKITE are cyber essentials plus certified

DataKITE is proud to announce that it has achieved certification from Cyber Essentials Plus

DataKITE is thrilled to announce that it has achieved certification from Cyber Essentials Plus proving its dedication to cyber security and protection from cyber attacks.

The UK government’s Cyber Essentials program helps businesses implement strong cybersecurity practices to shield themselves from cyberattacks. It goes beyond basic protection by acknowledging organizations with a robust security posture and well-defined procedures. Earning Cyber Essentials Plus certification, the program’s highest level, involves an independent assessment of your company’s security controls and processes.

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