See Your Procurement Data in DataKITE – For Free.

No IT support, coding skills, or credit card required.

  • Data integration across sources and formats
  • Your consolidated data, cleansed and categorised to meet your business requirements.
  • Highly detailed dashboards with granular details and drill-down capabilities using secure Power BI functionality.
  • Identify possible savings and where you can reduce risks using the detailed DataKITE procurement analytics.

DataKITE connect your data in days, not weeks

All data sources and formats are seamlessly integrated to provide you real-time access to the data in your organisation so you can make the best decisions.

DataKITE will clean and organise your data in minutes

Categorize and enrich your data based on your specific requirements for clear and informed insights with maximum impact.

You will uncover insights and savings opportunities in seconds

Simple, customizable dashboards that display spend data by location, supplier, category, item details, etc. to facilitate strategic decision-making and cost reduction.

Get actionable insights to unlock savings & value

Spend Analysis

Every cell in your data sources tells you something about your supply chain behaviours and activities. Accessing that data in the right way opens a world of opportunities to enhance your supply chain management. More…

Category Management

Category Management can transform the long-term value achieved from an organisation’s spend, and drives reduced cost, reduced risk, improved revenue, improved service and ultimately better business performance. More…

Supplier Scorecards

Effective supplier management facilitates more positive engagement between buyer and supplier, facilitating a more optimised supply chain.

High quality data allows for better vendor management – to track and communicate performance, identify risks / opportunities, and facilitate discussions and supplier business reviews. More…

Procurement Operations Management

What are your organisation’s live order spend commitments just now? How many POs are your buyer’s currently managing?

What significant orders are in your MRP schedule that you still have time to influence?

Having close control and clear information on your day to day procurement operations management is vital to managing an efficient supply chain. More…

KPIs / Reporting

Tracking monthly metrics is a vital part of assessing performance and manage company progress towards your strategic objectives.

However, the effort and manual exercise to calculate and collate KPIs can be a time consuming process, taking you away from value adding activities. More…

Savings Identification

There is an increasing realisation that procurement and supply chain activities provide a unique opportunity to improve business margin.

Identifying opportunities to reduce supply chain costs is a major expectation of the procurement function. More…

Risk Management

The COVID 19 pandemic is a stark reminder of how unpredictable risk can impact business.

Identifying and managing Supplier Risk can help organisations to predict issues and prepare solutions to mitigate the impact of any issues in the supply chain. More…

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